Five Benefits of Purchasing a Grandton Retirement Apartment in Applecross

Purchasing and moving into a new apartment at any stage in life is a big decision. Naturally, there is a lot to consider. You will undoubtedly find yourself asking important questions such as; What will my life be like there? Will the apartment be right for me? Will I fit in with the other residents? What is the location like?

To help make this decision easier and give you the answers to the big questions you might have, we have written this helpful article on “Five Benefits of Purchasing a Grandton Retirement Apartment in Applecross”.

We are confident that our retirement apartments will provide a luxury and tranquillity that our senior residents will love to call home.

1. High Spec Apartments

Retirement living as a concept at Grandton starts at home. Our retirement apartments have been built to the highest specification Norup + Wilson have to offer. They effortlessly bridge the gap between convenience and style. Each home is equipped with technology-enabled features that can cope and adapt to changing personal and clinical needs.  

They have been purposely designed with accessibility and space in mind, reaching a Gold Standard in Liveable Housing. Each apartment boasts a spacious floorplan that can easily cater to wheelchair access and in-home care services, making life easier and safer in the future.

The apartments are not only intelligently designed to the functional requirements for senior living, but they are also finished with quality furnishings and luxury touches that will make you love coming home.

Key apartment features include:

  • Larger doors
  • Oversized balconies with panoramic views
  • Double glazed windows and high ceilings
  • Larger bedrooms and bathrooms

To see the full apartment specifications download them here.

2. Amenities and Features

The Grandton development is packed full of amenities and features that have been carefully selected to enrich the lives of our residents. All owners are entitled to access to communal facilities that will afford them the opportunity to enjoy their time, being as active or as relaxed as they wish. These include:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool
  • Yoga and wellness activity rooms
  • In-House cinema room
  • Secure onsite parking and storage
  • Roof top sky garden with panoramic views
  • Electric car charging stations

These fantastic facilities are also available for your guests so that you can make the most of the facilities with loved ones also. We are confident that the communal areas will be a wonderful way to meet others or to enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

3. Location

We can’t discuss the benefits of an apartment at Grandton without mentioning its incredible location. With a sought-after Applecross postcode, this affluent, residential, riverside suburb has it all to offer. Situated only 8km away from Perth CBD and surrounded by gorgeous parks and tranquil reserves, this suburb can offer the perfect combination of convenience and beauty.

Applecross provides a wide variety of nearby shopping facilities and excellent public transport links; you will be spoiled for choice with the nearby activities available to maximise your retirement.

4. Lifestyle

A Grandton retirement apartment offers our residents a lifestyle that is truly unlike any other. It reimagines what we think of as senior living. You will live in your very own luxury apartment within the safety and comfort of the Grandton development. It is ideally situated in the affluent suburb of Applecross. The close proximity to the river offers residents a peaceful and serene lifestyle that can be shared with family, friends, and guests.

Grandton is unique when compared with traditional retirement villages. We offer our residents the choice to stay at home without one day having to make the move into a nursing home; a consideration made by many in their later years of life. We achieve this by offering our residents an adaptable living arrangement that can transform with their clinical needs and requirements in mind. In fact, Grandton can offer a plethora of personal and clinical services delivered directly to your apartment.

5. Community

We work hard to create a community that is friendly and welcoming to all our residents. This offers them the ability to flourish in a space as individuals or find common interests and opportunities as part of a larger group.

Grandton creates this thriving sense of community by offering its apartments to only residents who have retired or reached the age of 55. This ensures that we align our services with the needs of our residents to create a safe and comfortable space to enjoy their retirement years.

Ready For That Next Step?

Grandton apartments offer innumerable amazing benefits for those considering retirement living. From the reimagined lifestyle and community spirit to the fantastic choice of amenities and high-spec apartments, Grandton has so much to offer residents ready to take that next step into retirement living.

To learn more about these benefits, please submit an enquiry form or contact one of the sales team by calling + 61 8 9315 1513.